Final Thoughts from a Dying Zen Dog is a novel by Rich Kaye that is available both in trade paperback and Kindle editions. The book was released in late January 2015. The book description and much more information is on our home page. The book preview is available on the Amazon website in their “look inside” feature. The book is available to you on this site at a $1.00 discount via a link to the eStore. All book sales from our site are handled through the publisher’s eStore or Amazon.

On this site you can read the editorial reviews of the book, find pictures of Julia, read her blog, learn about puppyup, and find links for book reviews, ordering, etc.

“Julia is absolutely lovable. She holds incredible wisdom and truly represents the idea that humans have a lot to learn from dogs. Her more philosophical words are what take her story out of the realm of an ordinary dog story and to the next level. The light humor was a great touch…”  (From the Editorial Review which is posted in its entirety on this site).

“In Final Thoughts from a Dying Zen Dog, a sheltie named Julia shares her unique perspectives on humans, four-legged creatures, the world, and what it is that really matters in life. An imaginative memoir told with candid canine insight, humor, and compassion, this lighthearted yet poignant read will touch the hearts and minds of dog people and non-dog people alike.”

Brand new review on Amazon: Wonderful Book from a Veterinarian’s Perspective April 27, 2015 By Kristine Collins ***** Paperback|Verified Purchase

“This is a unique story that is insightful and humorous even though the subject is about the closure of life. Julia is a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) with a story to tell. The stories and chapters have many original facets. Life from a dog’s point of view certainly can give you a different perspective on ownership, breeding, the culture of humans and the bonding of humans and pets. I loved this book for many reasons: from the depth of the subject matter yet having the simplicity of a “dog’s” vocabulary, the culture changes of the years of the 60s and to life now. Julia’s insight into pets and the way they share their lives with us humans is something I see daily as a veterinarian. I believe the disappointments, fears, hope, and trust she experienced can be the same for so many dogs today. Their perspective of us depends on our treatment of them. She is an example of what positive people can do for a pet that just wants a bit of love. This is definitely a good read for anyone having a pet, wishing to have a pet or having had a pet. My staff loved the book, too!”

Here’s an earlier Amazon reader review of the book: I fell in love with sweet Julia and her family – By Donna Orris on February 24, 2015 – Amazon.com

“I fell in love with sweet Julia and her family! Since I finished this book, I find myself thinking of her. To me, that’s the sign of a great book. I loved her sense of humor and her dog zen perspective of the world. Her story is about so much more than her Illness. It’s actually very eclectic with something for everyone. Animal lovers, and anyone who has had, loved or lost a dog will enjoy this book. It is witty, insightful, enlightening and delightful with just a touch of sad. It was entertaining and informative. I love debut novels and this one is awesome! I highly recommend it to animal lovers and book lovers. Anyone who enjoys a well told story will enjoy this book. I can’t wait for the next one! 5 Big Fat Stars!”  

The book can be ordered at the publisher’s eStore at a $1.00 discount – your price $8.95 – by entering code KWZKJT7S into the coupon box.

Below is the link to Final Thoughts from a Dying Zen Dog’s  eStore at the publisher. Only the book is available at the eStoreIf you would prefer, the book is also available on Amazon at a discount. Here are some ordering tips. Click on the link below to place your order. Click on “add to cart” and enter the number of copies you’re ordering.  Enter the above code in the “discount box” to receive the discount. Once you click “proceed to check out,” you’ll be instructed as to the steps to complete your purchase. Please note that you can use the same coupon to order multiple copies at the same time or come back and order additional copies with the same code. You can share this ordering information and discount code with family and friends. Additional tips are on our eStore page if needed. Click here for eStore.

A portion of profits from the sale of this book are going to the Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue, which is where Julia, and her brother, Elliot came to us from. We are also proud supporters of puppyup which provides funding for research into human and canine cancer. You can learn more about puppyup here on our site.  

Click here for our Amazon page where you can find the book and Kindle, look inside, and read reviews. 

If you have any additional questions about ordering, please visit our eStore page on this site or write to Rich (see contact us).

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