Here are the general comments from the editorial letter for FINAL THOUGHTS FROM A DYING ZEN DOG:

“Julia is absolutely lovable. She holds incredible wisdom and truly represents the idea that humans have a lot to learn from dogs. The tone succeeds in being very conversational, stream of consciousness oriented. Julia  has her unique way of speaking, and it fits with what I imagine a dog might sound like. Her more philosophical words are what take her story out of the realm of an ordinary dog story and  to the next level. The light humor was a great touch.

Having the dog be the voice is obviously a huge component of the storyUsing a dog narrator is certainly an interesting way of contemplating philosophical (and some practical) thoughts about the human condition. It throws a whole new perspective into the mix. It’s also a creative idea to imagine what a dog might make of his or her own illness and impending death. This is one very intelligent dog. Julia grows even braver as the chapters continue. A great read.” 

Valerie Grant, Editor, CS

-Book synopsis from Indie Reviews –

“I’ve seen a lot in my thirteen years of life. I’ve run away and been rescued. I’ve had children and lost them. I’ve lived in cages and in beautiful homes. But these days, a lot of my thinking is done behind closed eyelids, as I just feel so old and tired all the time.

 Now, you’re probably confused at this point because, in human years, thirteen isn’t old at all; but in dog years, especially if you’re a sheltie like me, that’s ancient. So, when my human parents—the best people you could ever meet—started moping around the house, I knew something was up. For a few days, I tried to ignore it, but after another visit to the doctor, we all had to finally face the truth.

 I am dying. But the story I have to tell you isn’t a sad one. You might say we dogs tend to view the world through rose-colored glasses. But really, we just see it for the wonderful place it is. Sure, there are difficult moments, but that’s just it—they are momentary. The way I see it, every day we have a choice to love, laugh, and be grateful.”


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