Rich is a psychotherapist who retired from private practice twelve years ago. He then worked with children in a school based non-profit agency for four years before fully retiring. Rich has a BA from the University of Iowa, and went on to receive his Masters in Social Work from The State University of New York. He completed his post-grad psychotherapy training before entering private practice. Rich and his wife moved to Madison,Wisconsin eleven years ago from upstate New York. He currently lives in Middleton, WI with his wife, Diane, who is a dog trainer and an artist, and their four-legged family. This is Rich’s first non-academic publication. Rich has an adult daughter who lives and works in Boston.

Rich Subway

CONTACT US: Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the book or website. Feel free to email Rich at rikaye(at)sbcglobal.net

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  1. The book was great, read it in two sittings! I live in Wyoming and my sister lives in Ohio, she bought and had it sent to me. Love to hear about rescued dogs with Loving parents/families. This writing is right up there with my other two favorite books about our dog friends…”Merle’s Door” and “The Art of Racing In the Rain”.
    I think you did a wonderful job with your first non academic publication!
    Don’t know if Julia accepts kisses from strangers, but in case she does, please give her one from me..
    Take Care,
    Loni Morris

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  2. Knowing and working with you,Rich, this book did not surprise me,but delighted both Larry and I. Much gratitude for this heart felt read. As people who have had a profound relationship with our dogs over the years, reading Julia’s story hits it out of the ballpark.Glad to see where life has taken you.Fondly,Elayne

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