“Final Thoughts from a Dying Zen Dog” – Do dogs have the ability to think morally?

Back a few weeks ago I posted an article speaking to the latest research findings regarding dogs and thinking. That post resulted in several people writing to me wanting more information. So, I’ve found this piece on the Yale University’s Canine Cognition Research Center’s site and want to share it. It’s really quite fascinating.

It turns out that Yale’s relatively new research center has now tested about 300 dogs and has a waiting list of over 1,000 more for further studies. Yale is keying in on what appears to be three research questions at the moment; do dogs morally evaluate information in a way similar to humans, how tuned in are dogs to human emotions, and how observant are dogs in terms of knowing that their humans have missed an important piece of information and do they then try to alert their people.

The link below has a 3 minute video and short article that explain what they’re studying and learning.

Thanks and enjoy – Rich



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