“Final Thoughts from a Dying Zen Dog” – An interesting science article about what dogs think of us humans

Today is the three month anniversary since the release of my book and this has led me to do some reflecting. I find myself going back to the concept behind my book, what do dogs think about us, and the incredibly complex relationship we have as two intertwined species with a thirty thousand year history together. For those who have read my book know, these are primary issues that are addressed, and psychology is a longstanding interest of mine since before retirement I was a private practice psychotherapist. It was Julia, the voice of “Final Thoughts…,” whose entry into our family began my interest in dog psychology, behavior, and cognition. Research has always been a keen fascination of mine and a lot of reading occured before the idea behind the book even came to be.

Today while I was on-line I did a search looking for new studies relating to dog cognition and the human-dog relationship, and stumbled across this terrific article written by Theresa Fisher for Science.Mic on November 20, 2014. In her very articulate and easy to understand writing, Fisher summarizes the latest research findings from Mass General Hospital, Yale University, and a leading canine cognition center at the University in Budapest. I don’t want to give away the spoilers as I think this relatively brief article is a great (and feel good) read for dog folks and confirms that Julia indeed got it right in her book. Here’s the article link and be prepared to see that science proves that what you thought you knew about your dog is right.


Rich Kaye





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