Final Thoughts from a Dying Zen Dog is a novel by Rich Kaye that is available both in book and Kindle editions. The book preview is available on the Amazon website (use link at bottom) in their “look inside the book”  feature. 25 Amazon reader reviews – average rating 4.75 *’s out of 5. Our Goodreads 18 ratings average is 4.7*’s. 

Brief book description: Ever wonder what dogs think about? Julia in her new book will provide some answers and perhaps leave you scratching your head and questioning even more. The book is a highly amusing, thought provoking story about living with humans, as only a dog could tell it. Julia’s journey begins with “a sense” that something is terribly amiss in her family. Through her detective work, she learns that she is terminally ill. Once she makes that discovery, her narrative turns to the reflective telling of her life story. But, in addition to telling her own story, Julia also shares her ever-evolving thoughts about living side-by-side in the world with humans and her four-legged cat and dog brothers. Her tale is told with wit, charm, and humor.

The book is a funny and imaginative account of a dog’s life story. But, Julia’s journey is a whole lot more than that. Julia comes to life as a loveable, smart, perceptive, inquisitive, and opinionated dog who loves to learn about the world and share her knowledge and perspectives with her reader. Despite the title this is not a sad, depressing book. Rather, an upbeat, funny, riveting book that is a continuous 254 page testimony to the strength of the human-dog bond. 

What the professional reviews have said: “Julia is absolutely lovable. She holds incredible wisdom and truly represents the idea that humans have a lot to learn from dogs. Her more philosophical words are what take her story out of the realm of an ordinary dog story and to the next level. The light humor was a great touch…” (From the Editorial Book Review which is posted in its entirety on this site).

“In Final Thoughts from a Dying Zen Dog, a sheltie named Julia shares her unique perspectives on humans, four-legged creatures, the world, and what it is that really matters in life. An imaginative memoir told with candid canine insight, humor, and compassion, this lighthearted yet poignant read will touch the hearts and minds of dog people and non-dog people alike.” (From Indie Reviews).

Here’s the link to Rich’s “Authors talk about it” interview recorded on May 5 with Drs. Janelle and Rob Alex, Ph.D.


On this site you can find pictures of Julia, read our blog, link to our Facebook page, and find links for book reviews, ordering, etc.

The book is available at the publisher’s eStore to site visitors at a discounted price of $8.95. The book is also available on Amazon and the Kindle edition is there as well. To save space on this home page the discount code, tips, and ordering links are on our eStore and Amazon ordering info page. All book sales from our site are handled through the eStore or Amazon. A portion of the profits from this book are being donated to the Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue. The book is also a financial supporter of “puppyup”, an organization funding cancer research. 

Here’s a recent Amazon review:
By Paulina Zelitsky on November 9, 2015 – 5*’s
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

“A brilliant and inventive technique to convey the philosophical idea of zen, love its casual style.”

And an early Amazon reader review of the book: I fell in love with sweet Julia and her family – By Donna Orris on February 24, 2015 – Amazon.com

“I fell in love with sweet Julia and her family! Since I finished this book, I find myself thinking of her. To me, that’s the sign of a great book. I loved her sense of humor and her dog zen perspective of the world. Her story is about so much more than her Illness. It’s actually very eclectic with something for everyone. Animal lovers, and anyone who has had, loved or lost a dog will enjoy this book. It is witty, insightful, enlightening and delightful with just a touch of sad. It was entertaining and informative. I love debut novels and this one is awesome! I highly recommend it to animal lovers and book lovers. Anyone who enjoys a well told story will enjoy this book. I can’t wait for the next one! 5 Big Fat Stars!”


Click here for the book’s Amazon page where you’ll find all of the reader reviews, the book preview, and book and Kindle ordering information.

Any questions or comments about the book or site? Rich invites you to share them (see contact us).

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